The naturist village of Cap d'Agde is Europe's leading naturist site in terms of accommodation capacity.

Located in the Bagnas district, this naturist camp is also one of the largest in the world, and boasts a 2-kilometer-long beach. To help you find your way around, here's a map of the Cap d'Agde naturist village.

The neighborhoods of the naturist village

Surrounded by the Bagnas Nature Reserve,the naturist village of Cap d'Agde is separated from the rest of the town by a small marina. Within the naturist camp, there are many neighborhoods where you can enjoy the pleasures of life. The naturist village is easily traversed on foot. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the entrance to the naturist beach.

Heliopolis district

The Héliopolis district was founded in 1975 by urban planning architect François Lopez. Situated in the eastern part of the village, it boasts a superb location, giving you access to the naturist beach in just a few minutes.

The district's main building is characterized by its original semicircular shape, offering a beautiful view of the rest of the village and the beach. The building boasts a number of comfortable apartments to ensure you have an unforgettable stay.
The Cap d'Agde Studio apartments in the Héliopolis district are ideal for relaxing and enjoying all the pleasures of naturism.

The Héliopolis district is distinguished by its proximity to the beach, as well as numerous restaurants, nightclubs and a mini-market. Don't miss Le 1664, the neighborhood's must-visit bar, which offers live entertainment every evening in season

Don't hesitate to ask for your paper version of the Cap d'Agde naturist village map at the entrance, so you can enjoy all the pleasures this lively, friendly area has to offer!

Port Nature district

Situated between the Héliopolis and Port Ambonne districts, the Port Nature neighborhood enjoys excellent exposure. Just a stone's throw from the beach, Port Nature offers plenty of places to eat, drink and party.

Lounge restaurant, gay bar, poolside cocktails, gourmet cuisine, nightly shows, boutiques and more. Enjoy a unique experience in the Port Nature district. Don't miss the restaurant-bars La Canne à Sucre, La Casa and Waiki Beach. The latter offers bistronomic cuisine in an enchanting setting for an experience you won't soon forget! The map of the Cap d'Agde naturist village will help you choose from all the party venues and gourmet areas available in the Port Nature district.

Close to the sea, many exceptional apartments are available for rent at Port Nature. Modern and fully-equipped, they offer sumptuous sea views. From 2 to 4 people, with or without a terrace, Cap D'Agde Studio apartments let you enjoy the pleasures of life in the Port Nature district!

Port Vénus district

Located on the other side of the beach, at the southern end of the village,the Port Vénus area is ideal for naturist holidaymakers looking for a little peace and quiet after their festive days or evenings.

As the Vénus district is located very close to the marina, naturists can enjoy the pleasures of sailing and strolling along the waterfront with a view of the boats.

The beach is around 800 meters from Port Venus, and many bars, restaurants and clubs are within walking distance of this quiet, residential area.

Numerous apartments offering a sublime view of the marina are available for rent. Functional apartments and studios, appreciated for their calm, but also for their meticulous decoration, are a delight for naturist holidaymakers.

Port Ambonne district

Located in the heart of the naturist village of Cap d'Agde, the Port Ambonne district enjoys an excellent reputation among yachtsmen. As its name suggests, it's renowned for being an excellent marina with a capacity of around 300 boats.

The Port Ambonne district attracts naturists who like to party and discover innovative gastronomic venues. There are numerous shops, bars, restaurants and clubs open day and night. The bar La Pilouterie is one of the neighborhood's must-sees, with live concerts offered every evening.

Tastefully decorated, functional apartments welcome you to relax after a day out or a party. With or without a terrace, they offer all the comforts you need for a real getaway!

How to access the naturist village of Cap d’Agde?

There are several ways to reach the Cap d'Agde naturist village. If you choose to arrive by car, numerous signs will direct you to the entrance of the village in the town of Cap d'Agde. If you choose to travel by train, there is a regular bus service from the SNCF station to the naturist village. If you prefer to fly, you can also opt for a transfer by cab or private driver to the entrance of the naturist village.

The map of the Cap d'Agde naturist village shows the entrance to the site. In high season, the naturist village can accommodate 40,000 people.

Access is regulated. On arrival, you'll need to go to the Entrance Office to complete the formalities for access to the village. Don't forget yourID! It will enable the reception desk to issue you with a personal access card. With this card, you'll be able to walk anywhere in the naturist village.

You may wonder if you have to be naked to enter the naturist village. You don't have to be naked to enter the village. Clothing is tolerated within the village, but nudity is mandatory on the beach.

Naturist village entrance fee

Entrance to the Cap d'Agde naturist village is possible on condition that the rules and regulations are respected. Among the rules to be respected, naturists are asked not to take photos or videos, to avoid any noise pollution, and to respect private property, public morality and public order.

Naturists are also required to pay an entrance fee to the village. The fee depends on many criteria.

Cap d'Agde naturist camp rates

Rates for the Cap d'Agde naturist camp vary according to the number of days you stay. If you are staying inside the camp, the rate will be different from that for a simple visit.

Onpresentation of a rental contract inside the village, you can benefit from a reduced rate. For example, you'll pay €18 for one week's access with one vehicle, and €20 for two weeks.Without a rental contract, access is €20 per day.

Weekly packages are also available. A one-week pass costs €80. For two weeks, the rate is €90.

Naturist site

To organize your stay, don't hesitate to contact the Cap d'Agde tourist office or visit the Village Naturiste Cap d'Agde webzine dedicated to naturism. You'll find ideas for activities and practical information on the various shops available in the naturist village.

Find a rental in the naturist village

The map of the naturist village of Cap d'Agde lists a number of rentals to make the most of your stay in Agde.

Cap d'Agde Studio offers you a wide choice of comfortable studios and apartments in the different neighborhoods that make up the naturist village. Finding a rental in the naturist village is child's play with our search bar, which lets you add your own criteria. Number of people, price range, arrival and departure dates and type of rental, Cap d'Agde Studio offers you the best rentals in the naturist village of Cap d'Agde!

From 2 to 4 people, with or without terrace, with or without bath, the options for your rentals in Cap d'Agde are numerous! Enjoy a pleasant stay in the naturist village of Cap d'Agde with tastefully decorated apartments and studios.