Your Stay in Cap d’Agde:

In order to make your trip to the naturist village as easy as possible, you will hereby find some information relating to the regional transports.

You will find links at the bottom of this document to give you some extra information relating to your trip.


From Barcelona airport to Sants trainstation Barcelona:

The airport is linked to the train station by train that goes every 30 minutes, the journey lasts 18 minutes for a price of 2.60€.

From Sants trainstation to Agde trainstation: The trip lasts between 2h30 and 3h30. The trip can be direct or with a change at the train station of Perpignan or Montpellier. We invite you to refer to the SNCF in order to book your trip.


From Montpellier station: You can easily take a train to Agde station, with many lines every day.

From Montpellier airport: You can take the airport shuttle which will drop you off at Place de l'Europe in 15 minutes, a few meters away you can take tram line 1 towards the Saint-Roch SNCF train station. Price: Shuttle + Tram 2.60 euros. see

  • From BEZIERS

From Beziers trainstation

You will easily be able to book a train to the Agde trainstation, as there are many trains on this line.

From Béziers airport: The airport offers a shuttle service at the departure and arrival of each flight. Departure from the airport: 30 minutes after the arrival of each flight.

Arrival at the airport: 1h30 before the departure of each flight.

Price: single shuttle ticket 1.60 euros per trip.

  • 3 days ➔ €15
  • 7 days ➔ €18
  • 14 days ➔ €20
  • 21 days ➔ €23
  • 31 days ➔ €31
  • +31 days ➔ €30


You can book your trip on 04 48 14 04 43