Libertins Club and Night in Cap Agde

First of all, note that every club is libertine. There is always a dancefloor, but also backrooms for 2 people (or more). In each club, you have to be properly dressed, pants, proper shoes and shirt for men. Sexy clothing for women. Everything is allowed, so be beautifull and excentric, no limits! You will never feel harassed in a libertine club.

The important being to have fun, meet people and feeling free to give yourself in your own desires. Nothing obliges you to do anything, you can go to those places to see, being seen, or pratice libertinage.

Some rules have to be followed to practice libertinage: 

  1. be gentle and friendly when you speak with people
  2. women decide! Never touch a women without her permission or if she doesn’t invite you to do so.
  3. do not interfere with people in the backrooms without being invited
  4. no vulgarities, stay discreet on your nights in those clubs
  5. everything happening in the Cap, stays in the Cap.


After your crazy nights, you’ll be able to get back in shape at CAP SPORT, in Port Ambonne, with its modern fitness room where you’ll find your coaches : good mood and smiles guaranteed.The prices are per session or on subscription.Included: delicious breakfasts full of vitamins on the terrace to eat alone or with friends.