Cap d'Agde boasts over 14 kilometers of beach. Among this long stretch of fine sand is the naturist beach of Cap d'Agde.

plage naturiste cap d'agde

What naturist beaches are there in Cap d'Agde?

There is only one naturist beach at Cap d'Agde. The others are textile beaches.
The naturist beach at Agde has several sections enabling nudists to enjoy the pleasures of naturism in complete tranquillity. This Cap d'Agde beach for nudists stretches over 2 kilometers to the north of the seaside resort. It is located in the Cap d'Agde naturist camp around Port Ambonne, bordering the naturist beach at the Bagnas nature reserve in Marseillan.

Heliopolis Beach

Plage d'Héliopolis is the name given to Agde's naturist beach, located opposite the Héliopolis district on rue des Nereides. Numerous apartments and studios are located close to this beach, allowing you to sunbathe or swim just 2 minutes' walk from your accommodation. This naturist beach at Cap d'Agde offers all the comforts you need to enjoy a great time: restaurants and bars, mattress and parasol rental, showers, sanitary facilities, etc. It's the most popular stretch of beach, as it's close to all amenities.

The naturist beach on the seawall

On Héliopolis beach, this stretch of beach on the seawall side is located on Boulevard des Matelots. Supermarkets, shops, leisure facilities, bars and restaurants are located near this nudist Cap d’Agde beach. It has the advantage of benefiting from a beautiful view of the dike. A few huts along the beach offer a place to quench your thirst and grab a bite to eat before returning to swim or sunbathe on the fine sand.

La Baie des Cochons Beach

Located just a few meters north of Plage Héliopolis, Plage de La Baie des Cochons is renowned as a playground for libertines. This section of the Cap d'Agde naturist beach attracts naughty types looking for a romp in the great outdoors. Exhibitionism on this stretch of beach is not normally permitted, but complaints and fines are rare. The sulphurous reputation of La Baie des Cochons keeps families away, who prefer the rest of the naturist beach for their seaside vacations.

How to go to the naturist beach of Cap d’Agde?

The naturist beach is located on the edge of the Cap d'Agde naturist camp. There are several ways to get to Cap d'Agde: by car, plane, train or bus. There are plenty of parking spaces for your car.
As soon as you arrive, several signs indicate the entrance to the naturist village. Access to the Cap d'Agde naturist village is regulated and subject to a fee. You'll have to pay an entrance fee, which may vary depending on whether you're just passing through for the day or have a residence in the village.

The Cap d'Agde naturist beach is accessible from the village. Signs inside the camp direct you to the beach.

How to access the naturist beach of Cap d’Agde?

Access to the Cap d'Agde naturist beach is relatively easy. Access is via Port Ambonne, located in the naturist village. Numerous signs indicate the entrance to the beach within the village. For those not staying at the Cap d'Agde naturist camp, an entrance fee is required to cross the village and access the beach.

It is also possible toaccess the naturist beach free of charge. In this case, entry is via the Plage du Rieu in Marseillan. This is the westernmost beach of the Cap d'Agde seaside resort. Please note! This is not a naturist beach! It's a long walk, and you'll have to pass through the Bagnas nature reserve to reach the Cap d'Agde naturist beach.

The naturist beach is subject to a few rules. Photos are forbidden in order to respect everyone's privacy. Clothing is not permitted. Nudity is mandatory on the beach. Naturists are asked to behave respectfully towards other nudists and to respect the ethics of naturism. Finally, open fires are forbidden on the beach, under penalty of fine.

Who frequents the naturist beach at Cap d'Agde?

The Cap d’Agde naturist beach is frequented by nudists of all ages. Above all, it is intended to be family-friendly. Children are welcome and everything is done to allow families to spend pleasant moments: mattresses and parasols, restaurants and snacks along the beach, etc.

The beach is also frequented by libertines, particularly on the sulphurous stretch of beach called La Baie des Cochons. If some libertines enjoy the joys of swimming during the day, the type of activity changes radically at night on this libertine beach.

Cap d’Agde naturist beach report

The naturist beach at Cap d'Agde is a source of intrigue, and the subject of numerous investigations published in books and television reports.

Among these reports, we find the documentary Cap d'Agde, a certain idea of ​​freedom, broadcast on France Télévisions. This report produced by Marc Nardino and Carole Mangold, two authors and directors of documentary films, relates the history of Cap d'Agde.

We let you discover an extract:

From the birth of the naturist camp by the Oltra brothers to the years of freedom and carelessness up to its today sulphurous reputation, the two directors offer a beautiful panorama of the history of the town and the naturist village of Cap d' Agde.

Now presented in the media as the place of all excess, how has Cap d'Agde evolved over the years? How did it go from a reputation as a quiet, family-friendly naturist seaside resort to an image of libertine beaches? And above all, does this image correspond perfectly to today’s Cap d’Agde?

This documentary follows the evolution of this seaside resort, now renowned worldwide, and provides many answers.