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Cap d'Agde Naturist Camp Restaurant

Whether it's to enjoy a snack on the go or to satisfy your most gargantuan desires, you will inevitably find the ideal restaurant at the Cap d'Agde naturist camp  !

On this page, the Cap d'Agde Studio team shares its best addresses for fine dining!

First of all, let's try to answer a crucial question: do you have to be naked to visit restaurants in naturist Cap d'Agde? The answer is no! During the day, it's possible to eat lunch in the nude, but for reasons of hygiene, you'll be asked to wear a sarong or shorts. In the evening, it's rare to see naked people after 8pm. It's still possible, but naturists are keen to look their best when going out.

Beach restaurant Cap d'Agde

The Galion

Located in front of Héliopolis, this relaxed beach restaurant offers Mediterranean specialties. Open all day, Le Galion is the perfect place to enjoy breakfast, lunch or a cocktail with your feet in the water. Deckchairs can be rented for the day, so you can make the most of the beach next to the restaurant.

Rue des Néreides
34300 Le Cap d’Agde

La Méridienne

Located at the end of Port Nature, this naturist Cap d'Agde restaurant offers traditional cuisine in a sunny atmosphere. Beef Rossini, beef tartare, swordfish, fresh salads, vacherin, ice cream sundaes and more. The menu is mouth-watering! La Méridienne also rents deckchairs, mattresses and parasols to enjoy the beach.

Port Nature 1
34300 Cap d’Agde

At Ali and Harmony

Located on the waterfront in the heart of the Bay of Pigs area, good sandwiches, good salads, ice creams and cold drinks, but above all the good humor and kindness of this couple. Their stand is recognizable by a parasol in the shape of a big red hat.

Seaside naturist village restaurant

Sun Beach

One of the best value-for-money restaurants in the naturist village! Facing the sea, this restaurant offers generous dishes made with fresh, quality produce. With its colorful menu, Le Sun Beach attracts many gourmets who come to enjoy the sea view. Located next to the stretch of beach known as the Bay of Pigs, this naturist Cap d'Agde restaurant is a must-try at least once during your stay!

The team is smiling and dynamic. We advise you to book in high season!

1 rue des Néreides
34300 Cap d'Agde

Ô 2 bizoux

In this LGBT restaurant-bar, the atmosphere is just right! The smiling team offers superb planks to share, as well as generous salads, tartines, galettes and dishes that vary from day to day. A real treat!

12 boulevard des Matelots

34300 Cap d’Agde

The Mississippi

Here's one of the must-visit restaurants in naturist Cap d'Agde! Well-known in the village, Le Mississippi delights gourmets with its generous menu and magnificent sea views from the terrace. Pasta, fish, salads, grilled meats and more - you can eat well without breaking the bank. As an added bonus, the owner's warm welcome and attentive staff make you want to return every year!

12 boulevard des Matelots

34300 Cap d’Agde

La Bohémia

A beautiful terrace where you can enjoy a delicious meal with a sublime view of the sea. This naturist village restaurant is renowned for its generous fish dishes. The staff's welcome is excellent and the atmosphere very pleasant.

12 boulevard des Matelots

34300 Cap d’Agde

Waiki Beach Cap d’Agde

This restaurant in the heart of naturist Cap d'Agde offers delicious traditional and innovative cuisine. In a warm atmosphere, you can enjoy generous dishes or sip a drink at Le Perchoir, the restaurant's bar. At the Perchoir, you can admire passers-by in their most extravagant outfits. A real delight! Waiki Beach boasts a beautiful swimming pool where you can dive for the day or half-day. In season, the naturist restaurant serves a buffet brunch from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Port Nature 5
34300 Le Cap D’Agde

Restaurant Port Cap d’Agde

L’aile ou la cuisse

Open all year round, this restaurant on the port of the naturist village offers a varied menu. Excellent value for money. The dishes are generous and the atmosphere warm. Don't miss the exceptional spit-roasted chicken!

Avenue de la Joliette
34300 Cap d’Agde

The Comptoir du port

This fish and seafood restaurant is one of the Cap d'Agde naturist restaurants not to be missed! Le Comptoir du Port lets you choose your own products. Before you sit down to eat, you'll be able to choose your own fish and seafood from a shucking bench. Freshness guaranteed! You can then enjoy your meal on the large terrace facing the port. Prices are determined by weight, and vary according to quantity and products chosen.

Avenue de la Joliette
34300 Cap d’Agde

The Lounge

Great place managed by a team of dynamic young people, ideal for sharing a pizza and dancing, there is a DJ every evening in the summer to create a crazy atmosphere

Near the Port Soleil district


This restaurant in the naturist village of Cap d'Agde offers delicious traditional Italian cuisine. The welcome is warm, and the two owners are always ready to suggest the best dishes to suit your tastes!

4 avenue de Port Ambonne
34300 Cap d’Agde

La Terrasse

This restaurant in Port Soleil is open all year round. Its reputation is well established. It's one of the best-known naturist restaurants in Cap d'Agde. Sabine and Pascal, the managers of La Terrasse, offer simple yet delicious cuisine. Burgers, pizzas, salads and fish are all on offer. The produce is fresh, and if you like fish, you won't want to miss the dry sausage with parsley! Theme evenings are held throughout the year.

7 avenue de Port Ambonne, Port Soleil

34300 Cap d’Agde

Frite à Titi

If you like Belgian cuisine, then head for La Frite à Titi! In this well-known restaurant in the naturist village, you can enjoy fresh home-made fries, fricadelles, waffles and Belgian beers, plus a smile and good humor from chef Titi. With the added smile and good humor of chef Titi, you can eat in or take away.

7 avenue de Port Ambonne, Port Soleil

34300 Cap d’Agde

The Joy’s

This naturist Cap d'Adge restaurant is open all year round. Joy's offers traditional cuisine on the large terrace overlooking the harbour. In case of bad weather, a room decorated with erotic frescoes will welcome you. Numerous theme evenings are organized.

4 avenue de Port Ambonne, Port Soleil

34300 Cap d’Agde

At Tom

This pizzeria in the Cap d'Adge naturist camp offers delicious pizzas to eat in or take away. If you don't feel like going out, you can have your pizzas delivered directly to your home in the naturist village.

7 avenue de Port Ambonne, Port Soleil

34300 Cap d’Agde

Best restaurant in Cap d'Agde

Where's the best restaurant in Cap d'Agde? It all depends on what you're looking for! In the naturist village of Cap d'Agde, you'll find gastronomic and bistronomic restaurants, as well as good places to enjoy a good meal and have fun at the same time!

Gastronomic restaurant in Cap d'Agde

Le Piment Vert

A beautiful restaurant in the heart of the naturist camp. Le Piment Vert serves dishes prepared in front of you in the open kitchen. The products are fresh and the menus carefully prepared. If you're a gourmet, you'll love the marmite de la mer, the roasted scallops, the red tuna with caper sauce or the pavé de boeuf with coffee sauce. You can enjoy these delicacies in the restaurant's dining room or on the terrace.

2 avenue de la Joliette
34300 Cap d’Agde

Le Bistrot

Le Bistrot is one of the best restaurants in naturist Cap d'Agde. The restaurant offers inventive cuisine that blends the flavors of land and sea. The chef often changes the menu to suit his mood. The atmosphere is very pleasant and the service impeccable.

2 boulevard des Matelots
34300 Cap d'Agde

Restaurant for partying in Cap d'Agde

The Desushics

This restaurant-bar in the naturist village located in Port Nature promises a supercharged atmosphere at the end of the evening thanks to its DJ. Specialized in Japanese cuisine , you can enjoy sushi, chirashis, but also braised meats. The cocktail menu is interesting and allows you to quench your thirst until the end of the night!

2 boulevard des Matelots
34300 Cap d'Agde

At Yaya's

This libertine restaurant located in Port Ambonne offers pizzas or daily specials. The specialty of Chez Yaya? Karaoke! Everyone can sing in front of a small, cheerful and tolerant audience! Good atmosphere guaranteed!

4 avenue de Port-Ambonne

34300 Cap d'Agde